The Airy-Fairy Room

For 2–3 ~ starting at 34 €

Room description

A quiet nook with sun deck and a captivating view of the Calvary mountain and the Botanical Garden. As the kitchen and the bathroom are shared with the Greeny-Grassy room, this apartment is a perfect choice for two befriended families or couples. It provides a private space, but you may enjoy the time spent with each other in the shared areas.

Price per night (2 & more nights)34 €
Price per night (one night)36 €
Just 1 person in the room / night25 €
Spare bed10 €
Čo nájdete v tejto izbe
Beds 2
Spare beds 1
TV yes
Kitchen and bathroom yes, shared with the Greeny-Grassy room (a perfect choice for two befriended families or couples)
In the kitchen an electric quick boil kettle, a stove with an oven and a refridgerator
A sun deck on the hill above the town yes
Fireplace in a flanking garden
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